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Information is the basis of every business decision. But information comes from many different sources: databases, reports, structured forms, unstructured forms, faxes, e-mail messages, Internet and intranet communications, printed documents, software applications and other sources. An automated data capture system converts the data from various sources into the application you need.


Orionet offers several capture products from the leading information capture software developers including ABBYY and eFLOW These robust solutions are for automated forms processing, form design, document capture, data management, and data extraction utilizing Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition and bar code software and technologies.

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is a process where pre-printed words on a form are recognized and stored as data. Intelligent Character Recognition or ICR deals with words that are hand printed. The use of bar codes, ICR or OCR software and technologies reduces the need for manual keying of data, thus saving time and money.

Recent technology advances, especially with automatic document classification and data extraction from unstructured forms, have expanded these companiesí offerings, thus driving a new acronym: EIM or Enterprise Input Management. EIM including the capture, classification, extraction, validation and export of data and could be considered the early stages of the Information Lifecycle Management (ILM). This process involves managing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information.

When you've got thousands of forms per day to process, you need real, industrial-strength electronic data capture solutions. Imaging Solutions offers automated systems that are designed to deal with less than perfect forms. We can help you deal with existing response cards and forms with lines, boxes or preprinted type. We can also help you design new forms utilizing drop-out colors, bar codes and other automated methods that make data capture faster and easier.

When processing forms, adding a data capture solution from ABBYY or eFLOW  to your document imaging system can provide you with that competitive edge to get the job done faster, with fewer resources and for less cost. Imaging Solutions can help create the electronic data capture system that is right for your organization.



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